Guidebook for Expats in TEDA Coming to Town

Recently, Living in TEDA--- A Guidebook for Expats was officially released as one of TEDA's twelve deeds to further improve local investment environment in 2010.

This book was edited by the TEDA Foreign Affairs Bureau to provide a more complete information package so that foreign citizens can enjoy live, work and study in TEDA more cozily and conveniently. It includes must-know about TEDA, life information, emergency response, entry and exit procedures for foreign, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan citizens, education, medical service, taxation, foreign-related associations and communities in TEDA, practical information, directory of useful telephone numbers and contact means of foreign-related government agencies.

To present the best possible investment and living environment to foreign citizens in TEDA, the TEDA Administrative Commission has made improving expat-related service one of the twelve deeds for the region's investment environment promotion efforts in 2010. In nearly one year's time, thanks to the joint efforts of various agencies and people in TEDA, this task has been finished. A more expat-friendly TEDA will surely be better prepared for the future international exchanges and cooperation, help facilitate local investment promotion work, and uplift our international competitiveness.

Please click here to download the Guidebook