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Logistical Industry

Through put Forecast of Containers of Tianjin Port(Year 2003 to 2009)

Basic Information of Container Stocks in Tianjin Port

Company Stock Area (sqm) Company Type
Tianjin TEDA International Storage & Transportation Co. 13,000 Joint Venture
TEDA Jintai Storage & Transportation Co. 80,000 Joint Venture
Tianjin Textile Import & Export Co. 100,000 State Owned
Tianjin Fifth Mineral Import & Export Co, TEDA Trade & Storage Branch 150,000 State Owned

Major Foreign Invested Logistic Co. in TEDA

  • YCH Logistics (Tianjin) Co.
  • TOYOTA Logistics (Tianjin) Co.
    A joint venture invested by TEDA Haitai Storage & Transportation Co., TEDA Import & Export General Co., and Toyotatsu Co. from Japan, a first class international transportation agent
  • SAMSUNG Logistics
    iMarketChina, a central purchasing & logistic service provider invested by Samsung in China. The first international logistic joint venture authorized with import & export rights in China, a sample project as the first foreign invested international logistic enterprise located in TEDA

9 of the "Top 10 & Top 100" Tianjin Logistic Co. from TEDA
Tianjin evaluated and honored "Top 10 & Top 100" Logistic-Oriented companies in year 2003.
Tianjin Zhenhua International Transportation Co. was honored as the "Top 10" Logistic-oriented enterprise.
9 companies from TEDA are listed in the "Top 10 & Top 100"
  • Tianjin Zhenhua International Transportation Co.
  • TEDA Luhai Mineral Trade Co.
  • Tianjin Zhongtong International Transportation Agent Co.
  • Keyun Ship Business (Tianjin) Agent Co.
  • Tianchang Ship Business Engineering Co.
  • TEDA Huaxi Trade Storage & Transportation Co.
  • Tianjin Xinda Logistic Development Co.
  • Tianjin Jinfeng Container Storage & Transportation Co.
  • Tianjin Binhai Storage Transportation Trading Co.