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Advantages of TEDA

One of the 1st State-Level Development Areas in China
Created 25 years ago with the approval of the Chinese central government, Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA) is one of the first state-level coastal development areas opening to the outside world.

A Successful State-Level Development Area in China
Since year 1997, the Ministry of Commerce, the previous Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC), has been evaluating each year state-level development areas. The results indicate that these main economic indicators of TEDA of the past few years remain the highest among those of the other 54 development areas of its kind in the country. TEDA has now become North China's center of processing and manufacturing industries and a base for commercializing high-tech achievements.

One of the Most Highly Recommended Economic Areas in China
Comparing with other areas of processing and manufacturing industries around the world, TEDA identified mainly by its dynamic economy, outstanding investment environment, convenient transportation network, sophisticated utilities and talents pool. These features are very attractive to foreign investors and make TEDA the most welcomed business location in China.

For example, in terms of the transportation network, TEDA can be easily accessed from other major cities by highways and railroads. Moreover, the largest cargo airport in China, Tianjin International Airport is close to TEDA. As the largest international trading port of north China and the major outlet for the western part of the country, Tianjin New Port is served by more than 400 ports in 180 countries all over the world.

--on Oct. 9, 2000 "Fortune"

One of the most dynamic areas in China
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) listed TEDA as one of the most dynamic areas of China together with Shenzhen, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Shanghai Pudong and Xi'an High-tech Park.

A Popular Choice for Foreign Investment in China and an Area Promising High Profit Margins
TEDA has become China's well-established manufacturing base of electronic and communication products. The output of such products as cellular phones and monitors is the highest in the country. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Information Industry, TEDA's profit rate of IT industry in 2002 was 10.46% higher than the national average of 4.29%, the highest in the country. It has also been maintaining a 15% return on industrial assets and China's highest return on foreign investment in the past five years.

Broad Market Coverage
TEDA mainly focuses on the markets of the northern, northeastern and northwestern parts of China. It is the center of Beijing-Tianjin Metropolis Economic Circle that has a radius of 500 km and accounts for 6.1% of China's territory and 21.2% of its GNP.11 out of the 32 large Chinese cities with more than 1 million people are in this economic circle. The population in these cities is 200 million or 16.6% of the nation's total. The vast hinterland markets provide enormous business opportunities for industrial product sales.

Tianjin's Sophisticated Industrial Legacy
Tianjin is the third largest Chinese city and an industrial-commercial center of north China. In this city that has witnessed the earliest stages of industrial development of the country, investors can benefit a lot from the local low-cost supply chain.

Talents Pool
Tianjin has 10 million people. Labor costs of the city are far lower than those of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing. The 25 universities and more than 140 research institutes here serve as a source of professionals.

Perfect Investment Environment
TEDA is committed to the philosophy that investors are the god and the concept that all conveniences should be provided to investors. TEDA's administration and public utilities services have been ISO9000 certified.